What gates are terminal OR at Paris Orly?

Hey everybody, so tonight I’m going to do a Transavia flight from AMS-ORY and I need to know where to park. It says they use terminal OR but I don’t know where that is. Also, don’t worry, I have my departure gate already at AMS. Thank you!

First result on Google. Past flights have parked at Terminal 3


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Thank you! Will park at the B gates. Is that correct @Tim_B?

Judging by the map and satellite, it looks more like it translates to the A gates in IF.

SW corner of terminal nearest runway 08.

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Transavia is not OR. It is HV, and Tui Netherlands is OR. But yes, Tim is correct.

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Ok, thank you! Will park there. I may do B gates as I don’t have much time, but if I have enough time, I’ll do the A gates.

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