What gates are China Airlines at Sydney?

Hey IFC, I plan on making a small event, but I need to know what gates China Airlines are at Sydney. Replies are much appreciated. Thanks!

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Level 2, International Terminal 1 (what it says from https://www.china-airlines.com/de/en/fly/at-the-airport/airport-information )

You could check FR24, FlightAware, or FlightMapper.net for the most accurate info

But in IF, I get confused on which gates are which.

I don’t know what’s level two in IF.

Hello! After doing a quick google search and looking at past events at YSSY I found at that they are in the international terminal. You can use the event for reference:


Yep. Any gate in Terminal 1, which is to the west of 16R/34L.

Since nobody else has given a specific answer, China Airlines parks at this specific pier at Sydney:

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