What Gabe Z's Next Flight #1

Hello, I had this idea where you guys can select one route for me to fly, so I decide to make a poll for each week.

You select which route should I fly?

Week# 1:

Note: These flight were generated random based on 13 hours flight time.


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Poll will close on Wednesday September 19, 2018.

I am not sure if this is the right category to post. If not, please let me know, thank.

Can you fly RJGG-KDTW on Delta A330-300?

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Great idea, but I will add it to the Week 2. Okay, thank for recommending!

Look like the winner for the route is going to be OMBD-KBOS. Remember, the poll is not closed yet.

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I need to do a poll just like this 😎😁

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If you do the OMDB-KBOS route, use an Emirates B777-300ER

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Thank you for voting, my next flight is OMDB-KBOS. Thank @hi15d for recommending which aircraft should I use.

Thank you to all, I am currently on flight from KBOS to OMDB! Keep the eye on for my next flight #2 next month!

Here some picture of my flight!

Side note:It should be OMAA,not OMDB,Ethiad flies from Abu Dhabi.

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