What frequencies does Janet Airlines tune to at KLAS?

I´m trying to catch Janet Airlines callsign on the live ATC feed. Which frequencies would Janet Tune to at McCarren International Airport?
Which Ground frequency would Janet airlines tune to when they are taxiing from the Janet Stands to the Runways and vice-versa?
Would Janet Airlines tune to KLAS Clearance Delivery (118.000) before the continuing to their destination?
Would Janet Airlines tune to KLAS Tower (Rwys 01/19) (118.750)/KLAS Tower (Rwys 08/26) (119.900) for takeoff and landing?

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I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure they use ACARS or a phone to call up to ATC. I don’t believe they utilize the public radio frequencies to speak on


i’ve never heard of Janet Airlines radio before

What exactly is Janet airlines.


It’s pretty interesting.

They’re hiring again if anyone is interested


They use regular VHF ATC frequencies. I hear them all the time living in Vegas. When up at the test site, they’ll use UHF comms. Callsign: Janet ###


I mainly use the LiveATC app.

However, in most cases, you’ll hear them on 118.75 for rwy 19L/R or 1L/R, and then any of the Dep or Approach freqs.

On LiveATC: KLAS Approach Final, KLAS Tower 01/19, KLAS Ground East, KLAS Departure (could be either Rwys 01/08 or 19/26).

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I’ve heard them on LAS_APP and LAS_TWR get cleared for Approach/landing. But not much more than that.

Janet Airlines mainly transport civilian contractors.

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