What flights should I buy?

Hello community! I have a little debate going on, and I would like to know your opinion!

I am planning a trip to the TWA hotel at JFK, and I am deciding how to get there(Flights from Seattle)

I have a couple ideas of what I could do.

  • Jetblue Mint both flights( $1000 )
    • Go expensive with Delta One( $6,000 )
    • Use Alaska Airline miles in coach( $0 )
    • Delta Economy to JFK, Jetblue Mint back( $1000? )
    • Alaska Coach with miles to JFK, Jetblue Mint back( $500 )
    • Other (Please specify) ( $??? )

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I would love to hear what you think, and if you have flown any of these, what they are like?

Regards, Key.


I have edited the poll.

This isn’t really the place to decide who to fly with whilst on your holiday. I recommend checking the reviews for each airline and making a decision based on your own needs as well as what the reviews say.

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I would like to hear what the community has to say from an aviation standpoint, not a business person or family.

Well I mean, it depends on your budget. Are you personally paying for this? Are your parents? If your parents are, do you expect them to pay 6000 bucks for you to fly Delta One? If money isn’t an option, then go for Delta One. But if you haven’t received conformation from whoever is paying that they will spend $6000, then it maybe shouldn’t be in the poll.

If you personally are paying, then do whatever you feel is worth it. Keep in mind a sum of $6000 could be much better spent later on down the road…

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I put that in there is an option, but not a likely one. But still an option

Please let me edit this, I don’t know what I just said

You never clarified… but that doesn’t matter.

If it’s someone like your parents purchasing, I’d say we have no choice anyways. Let them purchase what they feel is right, and be happy with it.

If it is your personal money, then I’d say spend what you think is worth it. Remember to keep the future in mind.

It really isn’t anyone but the buyers place to say anything.

Safe travels.

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It’s a trip me in my father are planning. The only point of the trip is aviation.

Thank you for your insight, and have a wonderful day!

What @Will_A said is spot on.

Even if you choose to fly Delta economy, and not Delta One, you are still in for a good experience. Delta’s economy is superb and is defintiley worth it, even if you decide not to fly Delta one. If I were you, I would choose Delta over all of the other airlines.

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Thank you. I have flown Delta before, but so long ago I don’t remember a single thing apart from seat-back entertainment lol

Save your money, ride Alaska with your miles! Other than that, JetBlue mint is probably good.

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Take a ride on JetBlue one time, but Whatever your final decision is, I respect that

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Play it cheap! Unless there’s a airplanes being phased out I always just do the cheapest.

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Go JetBlue! Hopefully you could be on the new A321neo. ;)


All New Yorkers (@Dylan_M, @Joseph_Spinner, and many others) I think would agree with doing Jetblue Mint. If you’ve flown JetBlue recently, you know how great it is, or seen how great it is if you didn’t sit in Mint.


-waves at you-
JetBlue is my favorite airline, especially since my last trip with them. They are awesome.


Thank you all for the insight!

@SB110 I have never flown JetBlue, only Alaska and Delta.


You’re welcome mate! :D


Isn’t this your own personal choice? Others can’t always despise for you, but if you want an opinion, I say use your Alaska miles both ways


Yep! They are the #1 American airline for:

  • Most legroom
  • Best fast-speed in-flight complimentary WiFi (to be honest, on my last JetBlue flight to SFO in August, I played IF on the plane, and it worked perfectly! No disconnections!
  • Amazing on-board service
    Complimentary in-flight beverages and snacks
  • On my flight to SFO from JFK, they gave a hot towel to wash my hands before and after meals! They gave the most minor complimentary things that were just great.