What flight would you like to see Timelapsed?

I have made some Infinite Flight Timelapses on my YouTube Channel and I wanted to know what flight the Infinite Flight Community would like to see timelaped.

Please reply of what you want to see timelapsed, Ill look at everyones and once I have read yours I will ❤ It to let you know that I have read it. I will work really hard to get it timelapsed.

Notice: Because I would like to get to everyones reply and post the video in a time freindly manner I will only record and post flights that take NO LONGER THAN 5 HOURS

I will be constantly checking replies so I dont miss anyones idea, and remember anyone can reply so feel free to send in your ideas.

Checkout my current timelapses out here: Samivan 911 - YouTube




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Thank You for your reply.
I think it may be a little bit longer than 5 hours but I will try to get it done tomorrow.
Keep an eye out for it.

@Armani_B, Here is my Flight Plan.

Great thank you 😄👍🏽

You should try San Francisco instead (around/almost 7 hours)… One of the longest 737 flights there is (I believe the longest is Buenos Aires to Punta Cana)


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1.5 hours long.
Quite scenic. You fly by the Grand canyon and lake mead on your way out from Las Vegas and the beautiful colorado rockies on approach to Denver :)

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May I ask how you time-lapse?

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I use Go Record to record my Screen
I use splice to timelapse and add music
I use bandicut to join my intro and outro

Any Others?

@Luke_Sta I’m recording KLAS-KDEN now! It should be up by tomorrow.

Around 2:30 hours

Around 4:50

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Making the FPL now

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@Infinite_Flight_Sims Your flight plans have been printed out and are on the bottom of the stack. (It’s a legit pile)

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Ok. I’ll watch it when it comes out!

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I’ll PM you when it does. @Infinite_Flight_Sims

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@Infinite_Flight_Sims Your Flights are Numbers 3 & 4 in line.

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