What Flight Tracker/Radar Do You Use?

Title says it all.

I use FlightAware.

  • FlightAware
  • Flightradar24
  • Other

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Optional: Tell me why you use the Flight Tracker/Radar!

Flight radar 24, really nice and the phone app is useful


I use flightRadar24 a lot, but recently a lot of coverage was added to my location and my primary destinations by Flightaware. So I use both ;)

The only perk(s?) with flightradar24 is they have the option to view the aircraft’s registration. :)


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Flight radar 24 the aircraft symbols move in real time not the constant refreshing of flight aware (although I am aware flight aware has changed since the last time I used it)

Flight radar 24 coupled with LiveATC. You can see the planes on flight radar and listen to the comms from ground, then switch to tower, then departure. Very cool.

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All the time 👍

How do I get these, they sound cool!

Flight Radar 24 all the way!

Flight Radar 24 has a few versions, the best being the one you have to pay for. That payed version also has special features that you can buy within the app. (Relaistic plane icons, custom alerts, arrival/departure boards) Live ATC can be found via Google or on the App store/GP store

You can either search and use them on the Internet or download FlightAware or Flightradar24 demo for free on the app stores. FR24 Full costs 3-4 dollars, at least for me.

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Seems about right.

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I use FlightAware for gates

I use FlightRadar24 for literally everything

I used Plane Finder Pro before FR24 and it was quite stable then Idk why suddenly it became really unstable

Flight radar 24 pro, it’s just amazing.

LiveFlight is just… brilliant.


I recently flew from KCVG to KSAN, purchased the wifi access from Delta and used my phone and FlightRadar24 to see my progress from cruise to descent. Definitely brought some context to the view outside, highly recommend trying it out next time you fly.

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