What flight simulator did you play before you discovered IF?

I’d like to know what flight simulators you guys played before you discovered IF. I used to play “Airplane Fly …”by Tri One Games. You basically fly a plane in a specific region and in every app there is a different region. I also used to play “Airplane” by Quantum Design Group. The principle is the same as “Airplane Fly”. Here are a few pics from both:

I realize how advanced IF is and i’m so happy I sticked with it. I now want to know what you guys played before you discovered IF.


Not sure if talking about other sims is something we should be doing on the Infinite Flight Community.


I was on Xplane 10 which I still use but I use IF way more.

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I never played any flight simulator before I found IF, I just played this because of Swiss.


I agree with Thunderbolt, but for your question I used to play Aerofly

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well i played like alot so


Xplane 10 demo PC
X plane mobile
simple planes
Aerofly 2
flywings (sadly) like 3
Extreme landings’
Turboprop flight simulator

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Topics about other flight simulators isn’t something we usually allow here on the IFC for obvious reasons. It’s an Infinite Flight Community after all. However… We’ll make a little exception here as long as you stay on topic with the main question: What flight simulator did you play before you discovered Infinite Flight?" ✈️

Maybe you can tell us your story how you ended up playing Infinite Flight! What made you switch from the other game to Infinite Flight? 🤩


Every free flight game on the app store pretty much, 2-3 years ago didnt feel like paying for anything at that point, ended up watching youtube videos on flight sims and eventually got to infinite flight, and i was like whatever worth a try bought it flew around in the regions for a bit, got the sub and then was flying non stop.

This one and many other like this, please don’t hate me 😅

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I never played a real flight simulator before… The only game with planes which wasn’t complete garbage was Unmatched AirTraffic Control

I used to play “Airplane Fly Hawaii” and “Fly Bush Pilot” before I came to IF. I was younger and didn’t feel like spending money, plus I thought it was realistic. 😂

I was looking for good flight sims/games when I purchased Infinite Flight on a Kindle Fire in 2015. I didn’t take it seriously (it was too realistic), but I was hooked nonetheless.

I got IF on my iPad 2017 as soon as I could, then got a subscription in 2019. And I’m here now!

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I played XP10 mobile, Airplane Fly Hawaii, Pro Pilot Sim, and probably one of my favourites; Sky Gamblers Storm Raiders.

This was a long time ago, but before Infinite Flight, I used to play F-Sim Space Shuttle. I really can’t remember how I got it, but I think Infinite Flight was simply not discoverable back in the day by searching “Flight Simulator” on the App Store so I went for F-Sim Space Shuttle instead. It’s a great game, albeit now very outdated. After a while, I wanted to try something different (like actually taking off an airplane and not just landing a shuttle) and that’s how I found Infinite Flight :)


The only one I remember is Extreme Landings. I really liked the “simulator” except I couldn’t make a free flight without having to pay something. One day, when my dad gave me some money, I was buying almost every flight simulator, and I bought Infinite Flight. I didn’t really liked the game, I thought I have to do missions but after one year, I realised that I can fly almost everywhere. I had Pro on February 2018 and since I always fly on IF.

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F-Sim Shuttle is still great. I pull it up from time to time :)


Infinite Flight has been the first ever app i downloaded on my moms IPhone 5 when I was 6 years old back in 2012. I remember my mom buying a subscription for me 2 years later when I was 8. I never regretted it :) Here I am, 8 years later, still playing, 1000+ hours.


Fly Hawaii. Oh my god. The memories…


none. ‎‎‎‎‎‎‎

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If I am not counting IF, the nostalgia of flying a DC-3 in this one was 😜


I played X-plane mobile since 2015. Will have to agree that most the planes and scenery looks the same. And discovered IF in 2019