What flight should I do?

I am on Grade 1 and I was on 2, but I got bumped back down. I want to do a flight today but I don’t know where that I will be able to be at grade 2 again.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Thank You

How long do you want it and what region?

USA or somewhere that has beautiful scenery and I want to use the a350 or something that has live cockpit

Alright this one is a good one Honolulu to D.C

Feel free to take a look at these topics.

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This is my personal favorite it has nice scenery but not in the U.S Seoul to London you get mountains deserts oceans plains and fjords

Ok Thank You

You can also try
Athens - Chicago with American 787-8

Is it in the game ? 😅

You should try this; NZWD-CYLT. If you know these to ICAOs then you know how “special” this flight is

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I recommend doing PANC to KDEN. It has beautiful views of mountains, rivers, etc

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Are they there in IF? This would be one fun flight for sure

Yeah they are in IF. I’ve done this flight before

What plane did you use?

I used the 737BBJ with full fuel and 3pax. If you want to be halfway realistic thought you can go for the RCAF C130. You might need an intermediate stop with the C130 though.

This is something great to check out :)

Wasnt that a realistic flight?

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It is, yes. However, you’ll have to use the 787-9 because there is no AA 787-8 livery in-game.

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I decided to do the Athens- Chicago although its nighttime in Athens right now so its hard to see

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