What flight should I do tonight?

Anyone have ideas of what flight I should do as an overnighter? I want it to be special as I’ll takeoff in 2020 and land in 2021.


Fly from somewhere where it’s 2021 to somewhere where it’s 2020. #timetraveler


Maybe fly a private flight from the American Samoa? I believe they are the last country to reach 2021.

That’s not really possible as I wanna do an overnighter

Longest flight I can think of if you start now is like SYD-HNL. I’m terrible at time zones so hopefully someone else may know.

Judging where you are in Canada, you should take off from there to the last known country to receive 2021 after the rest

Otherwise just get a long haul to whatever you fancy

I recommend RJAA-KEWR

PGUM-KJFK… my thoughts.

Tokyo-San Francisco. If you time it right, you can celebrate New Year twice! I think it’s too late now though.

You should do some sort of tropical destination to land in, maybe like LAX to PHNL or something.

You should do Dubai to Washington Dulles in a 777-300 emirates!

That’s gonna be very difficult as almost 75% of the world by now has been welcomed into 2021.

Your best bet would be the west coast of Canada or the US to somewhere in the east (Europe, Asia etc).

If you’d have asked me this earlier, maybe 12-15 hours or so, the time traveler idea may have worked. There is a scheduled ANA flight that leaves Tokyo just a few minutes past midnight in 2021 and lands in Los Angeles around 5 pm in 2020. That flight has already left though.

Guam to Honolulu on United would work since there isn’t much time left around the world where it isn’t 2021

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