What flight should I do next?

I’m boring to do some EDDF- EGLL or CYUL-MMMUN and I don’t have a lot of time so,
Do you have flights of 2 hours max ?

Here are a few


And CYUL-MMUN takes at least 3 hours

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I know but I didn’t calculate this😅

You could do MBPV - KFLL? It has some beautiful scenery, and the flight lasts about 2 hours. (Southwest B737 or jetBlue E190)

Limc-libr. limc-lowi. Limc-egll. Limc-eddf. Limc-lgav. Limc-eidw. Limc-eddm. Limc-almost every other city in Europe

Ok thx, I’m gonna do it this PM

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Check out these topics:

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A good flight to do is KSEA-PAJN/PANC. Great scenery and between around 2-3 hours.

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