What Flight School Would/Do You Attend?

What flight school do you attend, of you don’t attend one, what would you attend?

College or actual flight schools count!

I currently attend Cal Aggie Flyers In Davis CA. University Airport (KEDU)

University Airport is just the name, i am not affiliated with UC Davis, it is a university owned airport that has a flight school. But i do not attend the college for further clarification.

Schools such as: Executive Flyers Inc, ATP etc.

Anything that allows you to fly and work towards a PPL basically.

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Are you talking about a college or an acutal flight school?

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I’m a bit confused by this thread… Further clarification in your post would be a bit more helpful.

EDIT: Looks much better. Thank you!


College or actual flight schools count!

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Sporty’s Academy. I was previously in the University of Cincinnati’s Aviation program.

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Henderson State University. It’s a liberal arts school with a flight school

I’m planning to transfer in 2019 to Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology. It’s an institution within Saint Louis University.

“Learn To Fly, Merit Aviation, YMRY”

United States Air Force Academy.

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I would say the Air Force Academy or Embry Riddle in Daytona or Tuscon.

I attended LeTourneau University in Longview, Texas. Did all of my flight training there, from Private up to Commercial Single & Multi. By the way, this was a few years ago.


This is a list of all good aviation colleges

Here in the Netherlands there are a couple of flightschools, but the major one is the KLMFA (KLM Flight Academy). This flight school is preferred supplier of pilots at KLM.

I’ve shared this PDF a few times. This one is complied accredited schools by the FAA, from the FAA. If you or anyone is seeking aviation as a career, I suggest you start at anyone of these schools listed.

May I also suggest going through this thread as well, as quite a bit of information was covered from other sources:


Personally I would like to go to any college that offered a ppl and cpl with bachelors degree. I’m thinking about:

Embry Riddle
Utah State University
Denver Metropolitan State University
Spartan University
University of Anchorage

Well, I currently go to the Acadamy of Aviation and train in the DA-20 out of HPN.

I would like to go to Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.

Henderson State University-Part 141 flight school and part of the FAA R-ATP program


I saw HSU in that pdf I linked. Are you going to qualify for the 1000hrs?

Atlantic Airways, out of KJYO

Yep. Once I complete all of my ratings

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