What Flight Planner Do You Use?

you just copy the flightplan, spawn in and in the top right corner you will see the search bar and in that you can paste your flight plan

top right corner of the map

I use flightplandatabase.com! It works really well, for me of course, lol

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I use it too

For military:
Skyvector + ForeFlight + an Excel based fuel planner.

Simbrief + Navigraph

Simbrief is nice because it’s used by basically every simulator, so it just carries itself over to if. Also one less new account to create lol

I use Flightaware for flight plans and Plane Finder to determine active runway.

Simbrief for flight actual flight planning and also help for Flightradar24 and FlightStatus to find the active runway, callsign, flight number, and gate

Simbrief is my first choice
Very handy with V speeds on certain aircraft and use them as a guide

http://onlineflightplanner.org/ because it has every navigation database update, it’s user friendly, includes last/starting SID and STAR fixes.

once the fpl is generated, i just copy the airways, i.e.


into skyvector.com download it and it’s good to go to just load it into the sim :)

I use ForeFlight

Use the DAL OFP, there is a “fix list” within it you can just copy paste.

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