What flight is the longest flight without the pro subscription

My subscription ends in a week. But I’m going to get the year subscription at Christmas. My problem is I want to do long flights. What flight do you do without the pro subscription? Also when your subscription is over when you sign into the same account does your progress saves?

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Most of your stats will stay the same (except for the time-based ones like landings per 90 days).

Is this what you were asking?


I believe the longest flight without pro is SAN-SMF

But I recommend SNA-SJC :D

The longest flight would be to indefinitely fly in circles if we want to be precise…


Pull an @kuawit and circle around a region in a C172 at a little higher than stall speed.

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I’ve done KSFO-KLAX, but that probably isn’t the longest you can do. Its just the longest one between major hubs.

Check out some stuff here:

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@Josh_Smith, the database @8SmartFlying linked has all the non-pro routes in IF (I know because I made it :) but I’m going to make another section where I will list every flight by distance, so that it will be easier to find the longest none pro routes like what your looking for

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How much are different regions

Individual regions don’t cost anything other than the price of the IF Pro subscription. Once you get that, you could fly to your heart’s content. Be wary though, because IF does ream your battery.

don’t bother buying different regions. wait until christmas when you can get pro

As of October 2017, Infinite Flight users can no longer buy regions in terms of in-app purchases. This goes for aircraft as well. Instead, a Pro subscription unlocks everything (the world) and all current and future aircraft.

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