What flight have you done the most in infinite flight

KSAN - KLAX. I was grade 2 farming out xp and landings so I could get to grade 3. I have probably flown this route about over 100 times. Everytime in a delta 737-900er.

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Before global was released, i always flew KSJC-KSFO

I’ve mostly done YYZ - IST

I would always do KLAX-KSAN when i didn’t have pro.

I did those a lot as well.

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EIDW-EGLL-EIDW at least once a week haha

I dont really have a regular route because I tend to follow the ATC schedule and fly into the featured airports but the most regular route I fly is EIDW-EGLL or EGCC

Welp, I’ll have to do them again because I’m on Training again! 😠 😆

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How. You will get expert in no time!

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KLAX-KNUC, I think I hold the record for that or something.

Gatwick - Gibraltar for sure!

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