What Flight Has Great Importance To You?

Everyone should have a flight that was important to them right? Everyone remembers something that made their flight memorable. My most recent flights were from STL-MSP-ANC as a connecting flight. I rode on my first Airbus aircraft, the A319 on Delta for the first leg. Then my second flight was even better when I rode on my first 757. Although it’s a longer and taller 737, it was still very important 'cause i normally fly on 737-800/900 cause my family is close by. What are your guys/gals experiences?

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I’m very sorry to say, but I believe this is a duplicate. What is the best flight you had?

But… My best flight has to be from KSEA to PAJN, it was only my second airliner flight, and on approach, it was raining and we had vortexes coming off the wings. It was so cool, and scenic, PAJN even better than IF.

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