What Fighters do You Fly, and Why?

Hey Community!

So I want to know which fighters are being flown by members here the most, as well as why you fly them and what you enjoy?!

I personally cannot stop flying the Tomcat… She just has a sense of majestic beauty when cutting through the air. It feels so much more like actually flying the aircraft. And lately I have also been trying to master the Spitfire, a tough cookie to break, but amazing when you do.

  • F-14
  • F-16
  • F-18
  • F-22
  • Spitfire

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Feel free to drop a vote for each one you fly. Please comment why you enjoy them!

I FORGOT THE A10!!! So comment if you like that! Lol


I don’t fly any fighters, I don’t like them. Too challenging :)


Honestly I do it because my dad enjoys harassing people on the casual server and I like to chase him around


F-16 Definitely. I can actually descend on it unlike the F-22.

F-16, because it’s one used a lot by NATO. I would also say Eurofighter but yeah lol

I like going N Y O O M with the F22 over LAX on Casual. Break a few peoples eardrums too. I even found a way after intense testing to hear a “Sonic Boom” kinda.

I fly a Spitfire round some local airfields where they operate as a heritage aircraft during some historic events.

I also fly the F-22 VERY rarely on Casual when having a mess around.

I’m not a military person one bit


I fly the F-22 and F-14 because they are both so cool. There are F-22s in the base I live on, which is cool because almost everyday you can hear this plane fly. When it’s flying towards you, it is very silent until it passes you, that is stealth. The reason I also chose the F-14 is because of its sweep wing mechanic. It is very unique and different to have an aircraft in IF to do that, and just thought it was cool.

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Hmmm… well, I recently did some mad looping, rolling, spins, and other crazy stuff in a spitfire right next to EGLL on the CS. And once intercepted an EZY A320 on the CS in my early days, but never since. I’m not a military person really.

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I used to hate the spitfire because it was so impossible… but now I really enjoy it because of the challenge, and the accomplishment of the challenge! When you finally master the art of the aircraft, it feels amazing!

The P-38 isn’t on the poll 😡😂, and it’s my favorite fighter in IF. I love doing formation flights with the P-38, and it’s fun to fly around with.

Other than the P-38, I like to fly the F-14 and F-22. I don’t know why I like the F-14, but I do. And as for the F-22, I can go to 100,000 feet easy, I can get to space, and I can win in lots of dogfights.


Two hours ago two real fighter jets(I think F-22) flew by low.😳

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#RaptorNation all the way!

Because it’s the only IF aircraft with Thrust Vectoring


Surprised @Nate_Schneller hasn’t replied yet.

edit: oop he did


I only fly the Spit. Sure the physics might be bad but nothing beats the looks of a good WW2 fighter.

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I agree. I love the spitfire, and the P-38. Nothing is better than the WWII warbirds.

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If only we had the P-51 or the F6F Hellcat.

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I know it’s the ugly cousin of a fighter but I still wish my beloved titanium bathtub A-10 was on the list. Other than that, the F-22 is the only fighter I will fly. I don’t find much fun in flying the other models.


waits for eurofighter


I’m the complete opposite. I fly the F-22 on Expert. It’s highly unusual for me to be flying anything else.

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