What features do you wish to see in IF?

Before I begin, this is not a hint or encouragement for the developers to look at this and consider different features that could be implemented. It is me simply wanting to know your suggestions that you would like to see in the future within IF :)

I expect this to be a debatable and maybe not well liked topic however as you will most likely be aware, IF is constantly developing and creating new features for its users on all available platforms.

So, what features would you like to see in the future within IF?
(feel free to leave as many features as you like, it is simply for mine (and maybe others interests))


Oh boy you should check out the #features category! There’s so many awesome requests there! All of them are features that somebody would like to see added in IF.

For more information on the features category… See Here:

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If this this topic still allowed, basically i want Cockpit lighting …


We have Cockpit lighting in all the newest models and recent reworked aircraft.


3 things:

1: Concorde
2: 3D Buildings
3: Boeing 747-4F


This is the purpose of the #features category.