What facet of aviation do you want more of in IF?

What facet of aviation would you like to see more of in IF? Here are some ideas:

-Airliners (arguably what’s currently focused on the most in IF)

  • Military aviation

  • General aviation (GA)

  • Light Sport Aircraft (LSA)

-Rotary wing (helicopters)

  • Experimental aircraft

  • Adventure / Bush flying (amphibious aircraft, sea planes, bush planes, cargo ops into austere location).

  • Classic aircraft (DC-3’s, flying boats, etc).

My top 3 are rotary wing, military aviation & adventure/bush flying. Feel free to comment!


I want a variety of aircraft. While I’m not a GA fan, I want aircraft added that create a realistic variety in the simulator. I also believe that older and ugly aircraft need to be re worked before new aircraft are added.


GA. By far. Maybe just a rework of some of the older models.


Facet lol like aspect of aviation

Airliners for me. More specifically, regional jets or private jets. We have enough heavies and narrow body airliners.


Yea, figured it out w a quick Google search. Thanks!

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This is my opinion. When flying in the Swiss Alps with global it won’t matter to me if its the Cirrus SR22 or any other GA aircraft. To me, they all look the same. I know other people have very different opinions as well. However this is what I think

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Since when are military aircraft airliners? Maybe I didn’t understand the format…

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GA and classic. Tbh I’d be satisfied with a single engine ga plane that has retractable gear


I believe additions of Regional Jets are needed (CRJ, ATRs, Embraers, CS) more imho 😉

I would be more than happy to see more Airliners in the simulator


I just feel more emotionally attached to airliners…so yeah.


GA and bush planes. IF needs some diversity, as most planes in the sim have jet engines and are primarily used commercially.


Hey, to each is own.

I was really hoping for some Light Sport Aircrafts, like the Icon A5, but I think it (and many other examples) would only work after the water starts behaving as water…

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General aviation all day


I agree on reworking some of the original aircraft.

I wish that ALL the aircraft were built to the same quality standard. I would’ve been perfectly happy if when IF first came out, FDS had built all planes to the same quality standard even if it mean less aircraft in IF. I think quality is definitely more important than quantity.

To be honest, it seems IF is kinda unbalanced now with some aircraft being a very high quality build physics & model wise while a bunch of the older aircraft don’t fly right and are sadly very inferior graphics wise. I hope FDS pursue a rework focus, it would be great for ALL aircraft to be built to the same quality standard.

Hmm, I really think that more GA planes in IF would be good


To be honest I would just like more of a variety added. I don’t really prefer any type as I just fly them all.

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GA, LSA, (LSA are part of GA), helis, gliders

Yes we need more charter GA like LeerJets!!