What exactly is the true definition of "Radar Vectors"


Are Radar Vectors just to guide a pilot to the airport he/she requests THEN transfer the pilot from the approach to tower frequency OR is it where you want the Approach frequency to guide you to land at a airport that doesn’t have a ILS? Thank you


To guide you to the airport with or without ILS then tower takes over!


Radar vectors is generally for airports without ils but you can request. ILS approach if airport has ILS


When radar vectors are requested, you will be guided straight towards the airport and handed off to tower once you are at a relatively low altitude and relatively close to the airport. Tower will then tell you how to enter the pattern (straight in, base, downwind, etc.). You can request RV at an airport with an ILS approach but, (especially when I’m controlling) it will probably get denied with “[Approach to airport] is only accepting ILS approaches at this time”.


Yup totally agree