What exactly is an Virtual Airline?

Hi all,
So I’ve been reading about Virtual Airlines and it sounds like something I might like doing one day.
There’s a few questions I wanted to ask:

  1. Is it complicated as it sounds?
  2. Are Virtual Airlines allowed to be used on other sims as well as Infinite Flight?

I’m still getting used to Infinite Flight and haven’t upgraded at the moment .
Looking forward to reading your replies!

Virtual Airlines are great! They open up a whole new kind of flying, with meating new people and new experiences, Its weird when you first join with filing PIREPS(logging a flight) and the crew center but its really quite easy, I may be wrong but I beive VA’s are strictly Infinite Flight

Yes, to add on what @Ben_Bino said there are some VA’s on pc flight sims.
Edit: VA’s on the IF forum are for IF only.

Virtual Airlines are fairly simple in essence. If you’re interested in starting one, you can read more on the process of starting a VA and getting your VA certified via the IFVARB website, or you can shoot me a message any time you like.

As stated above, all VAs on the IFC must be Infinite Flight related.

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