What exactly does low battery power do to your infinite flight?

I was just curious to know what exactly the low battery is doing to the system etc does it lower the frames or cpu can someone give me a breakdown as I use max settings without a problem and limit frame rate off fine but the phone does get hot then that causes the phone to start taking action for it. Thanks

Low battery mode ensures drops the frame rate when the device is not being used. If you don’t touch the screen for a period of time the frame rate will drop to preserve the battery for long flight. As soon as you touch the screen it turns off again.

This is especially good for long flights.


Thanks for clarifying! One more question if you don’t mind. You said the low power will kick in if it’s not being used ok so let’s say when I’m in a busy airport with everything max the phone can heat up would it keep the phone cool if it heats up or only activate when the screen is idle?

If you are just sitting on the ground at a busy airport when it kicks in, it will drop the frame rate. The activity is touch related and not what is on the screen.


Ok I understand thanks for your help 👍🏻 You can close this bro thank you