What ever happened to the jetBlue Livery contest

Do you guys remember in the beginning of the year when IF community did a vote on a New JetBlue Livery since the one with the a320 is outdated and old. Well what ever happened to it? 21.01 is out now and I haven’t seen the new livery Shantay blue stay, which JetBlue has, and was a voting option for IF users to pick. I was also looking forward to it to because I was gonna do KFLL-KDCA with the JetBlue a320.

Also Another question, and I think we might be asking this if you do bestow upon this post, Will the new JetBlue Livery come with 21.2? I think it might, but I just wanna see if you guys know more about this than me.

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Lucas Or L-UC4S

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They’ve said on the anniversary twitch stream about a month ago that it wouldnt come with v21.1.

As for your other question, lets not speculate.


thanks alot boss

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