What events do you enjoy the best?

Hey IFC,

I am planning on doing my own event series in the future but I am just looking to get a bit of info before I start.

What type of event do you like:

  • Fly-Out
  • Landing Competition
  • A-B Flights
  • Pattern Work
  • Airshow
  • Other (please state below)

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NOTE: Please only vote on a maximum of 2

And also what time do you like to partake in an event:

  • Anytime
  • 0200Z
  • 0600Z
  • 1000Z
  • 1400Z
  • 1800Z
  • 2200Z

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NOTE: If your preferred time is not shown please choose the 2 closest times. Please only vote on the two closest or 1 exact time!

May thanks for voting, it is greatly appreciated and I hope you can join me at my event series in the future.

Please also feel free to post advice, ideas and more regarding events down below and please also fill out the extra poll below:


If it was a landing competition, will we be graded and posted onto here? Or will it just be to show skill?


Not too sure. Probably graded but I am usure even what type of event I am doing! More details to follow!

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Best of luck bro👍👍. Last time I did an event, also my first I had no one come, but if this future event is at the right time for me, I’ll come!

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An extra poll, what aircraft:

  • General Aviation (i.e C172, C208)
  • Regional Aircraft (i.e Dash8, CRJ)
  • Small (i.e A320, B737)
  • Medium (i.e A330, A350)
  • Heavy (i.e B747, A380)

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NOTE: Please vote on a maximum of 2 and comment below if you have any queries of which aircraft would go in which category.

Many thanks, I look forward to flying with you possibly

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In case you plan on an airshow, feel free to check out dynamx.weebly.com

Hope to hear from you,

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I will keep them in mind! Thanks!

A reminder there is a third poll hidden among the comments, please check it out and vote

It would be a little hard to fly the A350 for an event as it isn’t released yet…


Very Organised Poll.

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I stated “Other” in the poll as I’d like to participate in a fly-in. It states itself in the name. I just like fly-outs better honestly. Consider adding it into the poll maybe!

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Sorry forgot that well I was just outlining the category, so B787 @Kevin_Potthast

Unfortunately I dont think I can edit the poll now and it would bias results but your input is very much appreciated

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Many thanks, I aim to make it as simple and easy to complete as possible!

I like your anticipation for the Airbus A350 ;-)

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Yeah, one of my favourite in the real world!

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