What event should I do?

Hello IFC! As you know, I had my first event in Edmonton 1 month ago as a test. I want to know where I should hold another event and what other things people want.

I want to the know the airport. What airport should people fly-out of in this event?

  • Lisbon Airport (LPPT)
  • Istanbul Ataturk (LTBA)
  • Oslo Airport (ENGM)
  • Pulkovo Airport (ULLI)
  • Chennai Airport (VOMM)

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I will post another poll for time

  • 1600ZULU
  • 1700-1800ZULU
  • 1900-2000ZULU
  • 2100ZULU

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everyone vote for oslo

NIEN, Chennai for win. (Sad how I am voting for my event)


Nobody vote for Chennai!

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How about no.

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Lisbon is the winner. Funny enough, I was suppose to go there last year.

TAP Portugal themed I guess.

Someone suggest some times.

I like anywhere between 1800-2200Z. It seems to get the most attendance.

LTBA is closed for passenger traffic and is only used for cargo, GA, business, and state flights

I know that, but why not revisit LTBA as a memorial. Remember, people do Kai Tak still

New poll up for time!

Now, some people may not agree. But I want to host this event when the CoronaVirus ends. I want it to be fare for other people.

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