What Era In Aviation Is Your Favorite

As I earned Member yesterday I can finally make this.
Have you wanted to ever re live a major or minor Era of aviation history? What would it be? For Me it would have been the Jumbo Jet Era with the 747 just starting its long and legendary life. Another one would be the DC-3 era which was/is awesome.

Easy - World War 2. The most iconic aircraft flew and performed incredible tasks. No competition.


2017-2019, the rise and fall of Iceland.

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I love the 1960s-70s. It was a great time for aviation with the introduction of the 737 and 747.

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The current era

I love the new aircraft currently in operation today. Sorry 707 and DC-3.

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Now, with large, efficient jets becoming so common, it’s amazing. But it’s nothing without remembering where we came from

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The 1990s. All of the Trijets were still flying, 747s were still abundant, the Concorde was still flying, and Northwest, Continental, TWA, and many more were still around.


Today, it’s extremely safe

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1840 - 1914

1840 is approximately the year where the first heavier-than-air airplane models became serious inventions that would actually be able to fly.

1914 marks the end of the Pioneer Era that started in 1903. It was the time where humankind started to experiment with powered airplanes. It’s that time that set many milestones in aviation technology; achievements of which we still benefit today.

Everything technological we have today (not only in aviation) had to be invented at some point. That’s why it’s important to remember history. Without history, technology wouldn’t be as advanced as it is today.

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I like the start of the 21. century. Many planes that will get retired soon were state of the art planes than.

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