What else in the next update?

I was thinking about the next update I know there will be the a320 maybe a319 and a318 also somethings added or done to live but what else will they add in the update
Has anyone got any ideas?

huh… maybe APPR for some other aircraft… little reworks, engine off/on … i don’t know :)


If they have been working on months on end then it’ll surely have more that a320 a319 and a318. I’m thinking adding more detailed airports.

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While reading your title I did have to think about nespresso and clooney immediately XD I don’t know what will come after, I think it won’t be a plane, so maybe globe flight? or better terrain or maybe even buildings. Actually I think buildings could be really a possibility, everyone asked for them and they said they will work on them, so maybe, who knows?


I thought that Autoland was confirmed for the A320, I may be wrong.

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It indeed is confirmed for the A320

I’m not expecting much more than A320 with autoland

Yes that’s what I thought also some improvements to live

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I changed your title to be a little more constructive.

I think the next update will be a big and nice one. Not super-hyped about the A320 family but sure it will be nice :) engine on/off would be nice as well

There is apparently another mystery regional jet and new regions

How did you find that out?

I seen it somewhere can’t remember where tho

+1 on the Global Flight!!

Matt said himself a couple months ago that a mystery regional jet was in the works.

As for regions, no mention AFAIK. The reportedly leaked info didn’t contain any reasonable regions so I will go with an “I don’t know/think so” for those:


They should add global flights and the antonov planes

I’m pretty sure that there will be an in-app video recording feature.

Maybe the tire smoke as well.

Probably buildings for the update after this one? I bet they would like to tease the buildings with a loading screen image just like the a320 now.

new flap system for aA320 (flaps 1,2,3, full)

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