What does your status bar look like?

With the recent addition of preset status bar settings, which one do you choose? Do you use the preset ones, or do you make your own? If you do use your own, then can you describe what it looks like?

Here’s mine:



I actually use all 3 presets during my flight.

I use preset 1 for the most important parts of my flight, it includes Airspeed, Groundspeed, Altitude AGL/MSL, Load, Yoke. [I’m pretty sure I have some extras, but my iPad is not charged.]

I use preset 2 for cruise. I display my battery, mach, AOA, ETE to Dest, Distance to Dest, etc.

I use preset 3 when I attend training sessions. Such things as Altitude AGL and ZULU time are things I use consistently to write feedback.


Astreal :)


Mine looks the exact same as yours except in different places. Good for info when in flight.

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Agreed; keeping a track of altitude AGL really helps with landings.

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Yeah exactly especially at airports that are at a high altitude

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Here is mine from left to right:

ETE to Dest: I use this to see how much longer it will take to reach my destination

Dist to Dest: Same reason as above but just in (nm)

Flight Time: So I can see how long I have been in the air (Also to fill in my logbook afterward)

Fuel Remaining: Good thing to know 😉

Fuel Used: Maybe unnecessary too some but I enjoy being able to see it

Altitude AGL: I can see MSL on my displays but AGL is nice for the reasons mentioned above

Zulu Time (Sim): I input this into FPLtoIF as I do my flights after the real flight has landed so the flight plan matches and I like to change the in-game time to match the real life time of the flight I am recreating.

Load: Good to know for takeoffs and much more

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Instead of yoke and local time I have dist. to destination and AOA

It appears that this is a duplicate. Sorry, sir.

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