What does your "Life Mate" think of IF? To You?


So, I just had a conversation with my girlfriend about Infinite Flight.

She doesn’t have a problem of me playing all the time when I’m not auditioning or on set because also being retired USAF I do have some time on my hands.

She just wonders at my fascination with the game and she would have given up on it and be frustrated.

I said because aviation has been my life for 40+ years and a great “old man game” cause I don’t have to shoot anything or drop bombs or fight zombies after landing in Atlanta, just traffic.

Just trying to mimic real world flying ops without flight school.

Valentine's Day or Infinite Flight Day?

You’re lucky. There’s a reason the good majority of us here don’t have a “life mate.” 😂


My life mate doesn’t even know what IF is even though I have repeatedly told her



Me and you both…me and you both


I don’t have a life mate, so I’ll use my parents

My dad is making me pay for it now so, I guess he dosnt like it but he dosnt mind it? I don’t know 😂


Oh extremely interesting topic lol
The Mrs knows I play it but she has no idea how involved I am with it, Last weekend the Global Air Force hosted an operation, and I told her “I’ve planned this event for months, got logics going ect” unfortunately I was called up for work so I couldn’t attend but she’s slowly seeing how much time I put into my organization and work with others


That and I have a game addiction lol. Keeps me from buying a console and playing Fallout 76, Red Dead or Elder Scrolls … Then you’d never see me…not even on IF LOL


I have no life mate… I know I’m a loner 😂

Anyways, I mean my parents don’t care, they actually buy my sub every year because “it is better then any violent video game”


Well, my “life mate” doesn’t mind my “obsession” with IF at all - she’s just not as interested in it as I am - but the other day she was giving me suggestions on my Flight sim setup.

It’s funny though - she knows when there is an update because I’ll start mumbling (download download faster faster!!)

She has suggested to me though that I should go for my PPL or do something aviation related - but I’m satisfied with my current career field but maybe a PPL will be somewhere on the horizon for me.


Lucky, I pay for it myself, but Christmas is coming so… just gotta find 30 bucks lol


I can’t speak for your dad’s choice but he might be teaching you about financial responsibilities;)

If he didn’t like it - you would know 😎


Everyone who’s sub here is paid for by parents is lucky. I’m self funded. It’s a trade-off, I’ve chosen to eat out less to fund Pro.


What she thinks when I am playing Infinite flight? 🤫🤔😂 you can be the judge

How dare she calls it plane thing 😱😱😂


My wife actually takes interest. She knows how much I love aviation and how much time I put into helping run Global Air Forces. She always asks questions, has me check in with people she knows in the organization and is pretty curious and connected with our operations. Shes sort of the key spouse program for GAF lol. But she married an Airmen so its all part of the territory.


My girlfriend only gets mad when I pick her up and have to go back to my house to land because you know if I crash then no Expert … other than that she thinks it cool to want to be a pilot


I get the trash thing all the time :)


The worst is flying at night, both game and in RL and she comes in the dark bedroom and turns on the light on final. All I see is nearly a black screen and lots of fingerprints.

She asks, did I miss up your game?


My girlfriend absolutely hates it. Doesn’t understand the attraction to the game at all. I compensate by making all of her meals for the last year and a half

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Had that certain situation a couple of times unfortunately