What does your callsign mean? [Part 2]


I thought I would bring back an old topic from 2016 stating the reasons behind your personal callsign! I’ll start mine is N121WS!

N Name related ;)
121 Cause I like Palindromic Number
WS More name related stuff ;)

How about yours?

See you in the skies :)

If this is a duplicate I will immediately close it however could not find anything!

Sorry, I have found a duplicate. Last active 3 month ago:


Ah ok totally fine! Could not find it.

mine is AB4EVR, I-P1 or IFP1.
AB - airberlin
4EVR - for ever

I - Infinite
- - _
P1 - Pilot1

IFP1 - Infinite_Pilot1 (F is bc idk why)

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L-EE is self-explanatory. It’s my last name Lee.

TRAVIS is for TRAVIS AFB in California. I visited it once.

And FENRIS is my hard-drive.

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