What does Wilco mean/stand for?

I’ve been through times where the ATC says Wilco. I just want to make sure if I get the Wilco message I know what to do?

Will Comply (aka follow instructions)


To clarify. ATC doesn’t say this, the pilot does when ATC gives an instruction that just warrants a quick acknowledgement.

“United 228, hold position!”
“Wilco, United 228”

Will cooperate, it depends.

OK thanks for clarifying for me. United 506

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Other example: You’re flying VFR and fly for example trough a CTR. The ATC tells you to fly from reporting point “November” to “Sierra”. He will tell you: "M-SEXY report “November”. You have to answer with “Wilco” ( Will comply to your order). Because if you answer: "Roger, M-SEXY report “November”, he might think you’re already reporting “November”. That’s why you use Wilco here.
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