What does Virtual Airline and Virtual Organisation mean.

Hello Infinite Flight Community, when you are filling out your profile there is Virtual Airline and Virtual Organisation and I wonder, what do they mean. Thanks😁

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They are for if you are part of a VA or VO, so it’s basically advertising for the VA or VO

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What are VA and VO

VA is Virtual Airline and VO is Virtual Organisation

So if you are not part of a VA or VO you just leave it blank

How do you do that

A VA is a airline that is virtual and imitates the real world airline or can be made up, and a virtual organisation is a group of people that provide different services

Check the #live:va category for VA’s and VO’s and you can apply for one there

Thanks that’s cleared everything up

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You’re welcome mate

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You’re not supposed to advertise VAs in the forum unless it’s the official thread or something similar. Just a heads up for next time. :)




If you still don’t fully understand what a Virtual Airline/Organisation is, it’s basically in the name. People have to check that a VA is not taken by IFVARB.com , then they start working on a VA!

They usually say up a couple of documents statting what they want to do with their VA/VO, and begin hiring staff. For example I am the Co Owner of Flydubai Virtual (about to start recruiting), and the Owner of Flybe Virtual, which I didn’t realise was copyrighted until I submitted it and all the work, so in a few months if it isn’t taken I’ll probably rework on it since you can’t use the name, for example Lufthansa’s VA is Nonstop Virtual.

You also aren’t allowed to be staff or own any other VA than your one…Yes I do break the rules a bit but when your life is literally revolved around aviation, mainly IF, and that’s because I work or fly up to 12 hours a day on aviation based on IF… I make Events and Databases.

When you fly for a VA/VO you earn hours by filling out something called a PiRep, which is basically a form where you put the details of your flight. Every VA/VO has made different hours, the more hours you unlock he more access you have to the VA/VO.

If you need any questions answered I’ll try my best to answer them down below.

If you’re wondering the difference between a Virtual Airline and a Virtual Organisation…

I believe a VA is a real airline in the virtual world
VO’s aren’t Airlines, but can be real organisations, for example the USAF, or General Aviation Clubs. Usually VO’s are made up groups.


Thanks. That’s great

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