What does "turn base" mean?

Sorry if it’s a noob question but I’m new to this thing.

This is used by controllers when they have to fit a plane into a tight sequence. First the controller will likely use the “I’ll call your base” command when you are on a downwind for the arrival runway. That command means that the controller wants you to extend your downwind until he/she says “Turn Base”. Turn base means that you can now turn onto a base and then a final. Usually following a “turn base” command you will receive your landing clearance. I hope this helps.


Maybe this will help… :)


Okay, so I was in PG and I did that, but was still asked to follow instructions. I don’t know who was right.

If you followed what I typed then you were correct :)


Until I could memorize that I had a printout of it next to me while I flew. That helps and makes you memorize the terms quickly.

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Nope. “Turn Base” means you have to enter Base coming from Downwind.


The controller can use a turn base company at any time, does not need to have an “I’ll call your base” first.

Two questions.

When aircraft are coming in to land, are you supposed to have all the aircraft enter either left or right downwind to form a pattern or can you have aircraft enter left and right downwind, and just sequence each one to land?

If the first question’s answer is that you have aircraft enter left and right, when you tell them to turn base do they have to be left or right downwind or can they be on either side?

As ATC you can choose and mix left or right downwind/pattern, and if you sequenced them right, everything works fine without further pattern commands. Of course you still have to clear them for the option ;)

Please edit your answer because it’s incorrect, but it’s the first answer in the topic so people will read it.

Turn base is used when you are on downwind (parallel to the runway, going to the other direction), and that means you must turn so that you are at 90 degrees towards the runway.

Also I think a lot of pilots in IF think that “I’ll call your base” is some kind of threat from ATC, like “I’ll call your mom” or something.


This is hilarious!


you can also use it to make space between the planes when you say “i call your basic” He will continue to go straight r / l downwing and when you want it to positions in the final you give him the command “turn base”

This is what I’ve been told by other people :/