What does "Transition" mean?

I think I have a basic idea, but I want to be sure.

I’m not an expert but it’s when you fly into an airports airspace without landing

Do you mean when you request the tower controller for transition?

When you fly over an active airport and ask if your route is clear in their airspace. The ATC will guide your heading and altitude to what is appropriate for them so you do not affect any other aircraft taking off/landing at that airport. More info is below:


Yes, that’s it.

Some information here When do I request a transition?

I think the basic principle is you are asking to transit the controllers airspace. The controller is giving you an altitude to transit that airspace, and as long as you are at or above that altitude you won’t get in the way of the departures and arrivals at that airport so he/she doesn’t have to worry about your transit creating any conflicts.


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