What does TL2 mean

Does anybody know the meaning for TL2


Adding on to Mags, you will be able to post in #live:va , #live:events , #real-world-aviation and #features when you earn TL2 (Trust Level 2 - Member)



As you know, here on the IFC we have so called ‘trust levels’. There are five trust levels as follows;

Level Name Permissions
TL0 New Member Not sure, but you can’t do much
TL1 Basic Member Can use all core functions
TL2 Member Can do everything except administrative stuff ie. close topics.
TL3 Regular Can re-categorize other user’s posts (move categories), also have access to the lounge which is like an off-topic category for regulars and above
TL4 Leader These are the mods and admins. You have to be manually promoted by staff to get this rank and you can do EVERYTHING!!!

I hope this helps.


While this a great post, everything you mentioned above can be found in the link that Mags posted above. Instead of posting the same things, lets wait for the OP to ask any questions he might have regarding Trust Levels

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