What does this symbol mean?

What does this symbol mean? I’ve seen it multiple times, but I don’t know what it means. It think it means it was a PM or email, but then put into the thread by request … I don’t know!


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It’s big bear VA the virtual airline


No! I meant the box!

what box?
no idea at all

I was thinking this a while ago. I think that appears when they comment via email (as a reply to an email they got alerting them of someone mentioning/replying to them). Let me test it out.

It appeared when I replied to an email alert so I think that’s why it appears.

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It is the avatar picture of the user whose post you replied to.

It makes a private PM it’s not hard.

It doesn’t make a PM.

It means they’ve replied via email. :)


What Henrik said. If someone replyies to this i can show you.

Oh, okay!!

I can confirm this :) 😂


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I’ve always wondered what that meant.

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