What does this signal mean?


That is correct you need to give a greater distance in low visibility.


Ok thanks a lot!..


Ok great nice to know

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But what about airports that don’t have those markings? If there’s low visibility we still use the actual hold short line?


That’s true?, I think we use the hold line… I’ll ask.

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The airport might not be equipped with an ILS. In IF, if there isn’t an instrument hold I would just use the normal hold.


Ok, when it shows a red glide path on the map does that mean that it has an ILS?

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Read more here:


Thanks all for your help, it really helped!

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As many have stated that is an ILS Hold Short Line, it’s used when the conditions are IMC and I think the reason why you hold short at this line with low vis is to not interfere with the APPR Equipment of the aircraft on approach, or something along those lines, but feel free to correct me as I am not 100% sure on this.


All I know is that you just hold there if its bad visibility.

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So hold at that signal instead of the regular hold short line if there is bad visibility in the area?

am I correct?

Also, why is it there? Whether there is bad visibility or not, pilots waiting to takeoff have to still remain behind the hold short line and pilots on approach still have to follow their localizer.


This sounds roughly accurate. I know that if you hold in front of the ILS equipment, in interferes with accurate readings for an ILS landing. I too may be wrong, but that’s what I’ve heard.


Hi there! That is the ILS hold line and if there is bad visibility or the PAPI lights ( the red & white ones) are close to the taxiway, you hold like you would on a normal hold line for the landing plane. Your not required to hold at that line but if there’s a landing aircraft, I recommend it!


Yes , Use that line bad visibility


Well why don’t they hold short of that line every time? It would surly be more safer.

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But it would be 10 times more inconvenient, The holding line is already safe enough unless you’re a new pilot that doesn’t know how to fly!

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The real life purpose is to keep the ILS radio signals from reflecting off aircraft on the ground and distorting the received signal for the aircraft flying the approach. Therefore there’s no reason to hold there under good weather.


I suppose that is true, you should ask the FAA why! 😂

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