What does this number above arrow mean in FAA chart?

This is a part of OZZZI ONE transition routes of KATL, I found this at https://www.iflightplanner.com/Airports/KATL.

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What does the number 6000 in red circle mean? I know in Jeppesen charts route arrows can bear mileage and altitude, but this 6000 number can’t be an altitude because at OZZZI fix expected altitude is 14000 or 12000.


That is the recommened altitude that you should descend to

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The ones in a box are the altitudes you have to be at at a specific waypoint.

I could be wrong but I believe it is the Minimum Enroute Altitude (MEA)


That’s correct ;)

Thought so, it’s late and my CFI brain is shut down for the night 😂


If it means recommended altitude I should decent to 6000 before WINNG fix and climb back to 14000 or 12000 before OZZZI. That’s weird.

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So it means I can’t decent below 6000 between WINNG and OZZZI (maybe due to terrain), and maintain 12000 or 14000 before reaching OZZZI is alright?

Yep, definitely wierd

It’s the minimal as many said

Yeah its weird but hey atleast you understand it now! Hope I helped :)

It’s not that weird when you consider this is a transition route and not an approach or departure plate.

They have to keep you clear of the arrivals and departures, this is how they do it when using this plate.

I think I found the answer, from https://www.faa.gov/air_traffic/flight_info/aeronav/digital_products/aero_guide/media/editions/cug-complete.pdf, p. 102

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Nice I learned new information thank u

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