What does this mean?

During my flight I was constantly disconnecting and reconnecting from the live server from the time i spawned in to the time i landed at my destination it was happening, just look at the ridiculous amount of times it happened displayed by those pink lines on the replay bar, im lucky I made it to my destination and i wasn’t fully disconnected like yesterday when the same thing happened, I uninstalled and reinstalled infinite flight and this flight was my first flight I did after I reinstalled, Internet connection is amazing, storage is amazing, graphics or airplane count were definitely not a factor in this, I was the only the whole time, so I’m really wondering why it always does this even though internet connection is good what could be the issue? And I was on the app the whole time no leaving


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Those lines just provide the times you disconnected.

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Thank you, and I mentioned it here



Maybe you had an unstable connection?


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