What does this mean?

Hi everyone,

Just wondering why the plane behind me is orange?


Because it is within 3 nm of you, it is too close

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hes stalking you


There isn’t enough separation. It’s 1000ft below though, which is sufficient vertical separation, so not sure why it’s orange. Maybe it’s actually at like990ft below and the number there is rounded.

If it gets closer, it will go red.

Below 3nm vertical separation. But -1 lateral, still ok tho. I’m not sure right now if orange is the normal color when separation is close but still sufficient. Red is critical and definitely below the required separation rules.

Not if you’re going in the same direction, someone’s flying at the wrong altitude

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That’s true. It wasn’t requested by OP but I’ll post it regardless, hope it’s ok:

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Just to point out:

I’m pretty sure that the semi-circular rule is not actually a rule. It’s just strongly recommended, so most flights do comply with it.

Also, some countries (like France) have a North/South system, not East/West. And designated oceanic tracks like the NATs do not have any such rule (just the altitudes designated on the track message).

Edit: I just looked it up. I’m wrong in saying it isn’t a rule, it very much is (not sure where I got that from). The second part about differing directions of flight and the oceanic tracks is true though.


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