What does this mean

Hi, i was trying to request that my topic get re-closed but after refreshing a few times this message still popped up…what does it mean?

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Seems to be a Discourse glitch, has happened to be in the past when trying to flag or move a topic. I think it has to do with the fact that it was closed than reopened.

No need to worry though, your post was closed.

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Tell us what you were trying to do. Then we might know

He was trying to flag his post for closure.

Ok. As @Thunderbolt said, just MOST LIKELY a discourse glitch.

Safe holidays from AU!

Did that message pop up when you pressed the flag icon or when you actually sent the flag in?

sent the flag in

im just going to test it on this topic

Oh it worked on this one ok, since i flagged it it will probably get closed