What does this mean?

What does the magenta call sign mean? Thanks for the feedback!

It means that that person is a moderator.

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The magneta call sign is indicating that the pilot is a moderator on the forum. In this case I think you’ve run in to @anon88794458


Whats a moderator? And thanks for the feedback✌️

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A person who moderates a forum or online discussion.


oh ok, thank you very much

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If you look at @anon88794458 profile, you’ll see that he is a moderator in this forum. Meaning that he controls whats going on in here like closing topics or stuff like that.

If you have any question, you may look at this topic about how moderators moderate.

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Here’s a good example of what I do 👆🏻😉

Welcome to the forum :) any questions don’t hesitate to ask myself, a mod or a regular!


Sam, stop stirring up trouble 😡