What does this mean? “Accessory cannot work at this time.

So I was flying from HLU to LAX and I got this thing that said accessories cannot work at this time, and it kept coming every minute. Is there something I need to worry about?

Sounds like you may have an issue with your charger? Can you provide a screenshot?

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I got a new one a few days a go and it works just fine.

I’ve never seen this message you referenced. Usually a restart of your device resolves weird glitches.

I may think there’s lint in the charge port. With a new charger that isn’t expected to malfunction, I think that may happen.

It only started happening 1000-1500 nm from the coast.

This doesn’t sound like a message from Infinite Flight rather a message from your device.

Btw, I tried every charge port and they all work just fine.

Hmm… If that’s the case then there may be something wrong with that current charger.

Can you provide a screenshot or not? I want to reiterate that I don’t believe this is a message from the app rather your device.

Only happens when doing flights across pacific not Atlantic.

What device and operating system do you have? Also include your available storage.

Sorry about that just realized it wa from my device😂😂😂

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Yea I’ve seen this with equipment that isn’t OEM from the original manufacturer.

Also every time I cross the Pacific, my game crashes.

You can close the topic if u want

Keep as much of your RAM free as possible by restarting your device, keep background apps to a minimum, lower graphics if necessary and avoid backing out & pausing the app as this is known to cause issues during longer flights.