What does this ghost mean?

I’m not complaining I’m just curious about why I was ghosted and what it means

This means you were reported by Misha as a pilot. You may have been at an airport without ATC services. The best thing is to PM Misha directly.


What do you mean by no atc services?

Normally only ATC can report pilots. If you were at an airport without ATC staffed a moderator or staff member can report you as a pilot if they observe you doing something against the rules. Taking off into traffic. Pulling on the runway with a plane on short final, etc.

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The tower was active

If you contact @MishaCamp he’ll be sure to explain the reasoning 😉

I’ve already done that

Patiently wait for his reply, and stay positive nonetheless. He’ll no doubt tell you the reason why you were reported.

Happy flying!

👍😁👍 got it!

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I suggest you to private message Misha because he was the one who reported you .