What does these graphics settings actually mean?

It uh tells you right below them. Change them from low to high and you’ll see a difference, you can change the top two when in a flight, but not the third that has to be done in the menu


I don’t really understand what it means can you explain thx


He just did. Go into the server and switch the settings around. The graphics, or how the scenery is displayed, is clearer when the graphics are on high. When the settings are on low, it becomes less clear and textures aren’t displayed in very good quality. This is typically used to save battery on devices that don’t perform as great as modern phones.

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Yes, I know, but whats the differences between rendering quality, rendering resolution and texture quality? I don’t get it.


Rendering Quality = the quality at which the rendering is. Looks bad on low, looks great on high.

Rendering Resolution = the resolution at which the scenery renders. Clearest on high.

Texture Quality = the quality of the textures. Quality is increasingly better from low to high.


It looks better on high.


Thanks for your explanation but I’m still confused. Are they the same?

No, they aren’t.

No they are not. I’m not sure what you don’t understand, they were explained perfectly by @Altaria55.

Rendering Quality: basically if it looks good or bad. Set it to high for it to look amazing, and to low for it look… well, less amazing.

Rendering resolution: if all of the scenery (mountains, grass etc…) looks good. Set it to high for good, and low for not so good.

Texture quality: controls whether metal looks like metal, glass looks like glass, rubber looks like rubber etc. Set it to high for good and low for bad.

Also happy second anniversary on the forum @Altaria55!! Well done!


@rebal15 @Altaria55 Thank you for the explanation, I think I understand.

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if u dont quiet understand what they mean, just try them out. Set each to low separately and you‘ll see the difference ;)


I couldn’t 😂 I’ve a bad phone and the highest quality I can use is low low medium. I’ve anti-aliasing on and limit frame rate on.


I put everything on low , in order to prevent my flight from crashing…
But however I always put texture on high otherwise the airplane quality and others are very blur.

There is a large difference between low and high, just test it while flying !

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I can’t test it it will lag a lot


In that case, you’ll just to use the settings which work best for your device. If you are in a position to get a new device, I thoroughly recommend an iPad Pro, they are absolutely amazing for everything on full graphic settings.

You can also see a list of devices and their compatibility here:


Thanks! Btw, what device are you using?

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I use an iPad 6th Generation. My friend has the 2019 iPad Pro.

I would thoroughly recommend both, and from experience, Apple devices seem to work better.

I have tried it on my iPhone XR, and the frame rate is ridiculously high, if you were looking for a relatively affordable phone.

Oh, why don’t you use high for all? My phone is Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (I know it’s a very old phone I’m getting a new one soon) can only run low low medium although I’ve anti-aliasing on.

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I do use high for all.

Anti-aliasing is quite graphics heavy - it takes the edge of everything, and averages out the pixel colours.

Try it on high graphics, with anti-aliasing off.

Ok thanks, I hate aliasing though 😂

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