What does the trim do?

What does the trim button do

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Effectively, it changes the “neutral” position of the pitch. It’s useful if you ever find you’re having to apply a lot of front or back pressure on the control column.

Ah i see, so it’s to pitch up high than I would be able to regularly?

Correct! Let’s say you have to pull up a lot to keep the nose up, apply a bit of trim and it will apply the back pressure for you. If you have to push down a lot, do the same but instead use negative trim instead of positive


The trim is used a lot in VFR flying, as well as commercial, which I believe more or less does it automatically. So in real world aviation you can’t really ‘calibrate’ your joystick or yoke. The trim is supposed to be adjusted, so if you let go of the yoke, or leave it in a stable centre position, it will continue either heading straight, pitching slightly up for climb, or vice versa for decent.


This does depend on the manufacturer. Airbus is automatically trimmed, Boeing manually and the A220 (kind off) manually as well. With Autopilot activate the trim is automatic though.

Not 100% sure nonetheless.


Trim is used to reduce control pressures on the yoke. Im a CFI and i instruct in the C172 real world and its a must to learn to use trim makes flying much more enjoyable on those long cross countries!

Pretty much the same as calibrating it.

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