What does the Suffix on this runway mean?

I was looking around Greenland for any airports to control and I found this one

What does the T mean?
The runway names I know of are
Runway xxL (left)
Runway xxC (center)
Runway xxR (right)

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B is the ICAO for Greenland and Iceland. The rest only in some cases have a meaning. T could mean Thule.

B: Greenland and Iceland ICAO
G: Specifcially Greenland
T: Thule
L: I dunno

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Nevermind, I’m tired.

Did a quick google search and found that T stands for True. Assuming this means that it uses True heading instead of Magnetic heading. It makes sense because it is so far north that would change the heading.


I did some quick research and found that the suffix T is used to indicate the true heading of the runway. This means that the runway number is derived from the true heading of the runway instead of the usual magnetic heading.

I don’t believe they’re talking about the ICAO code.

If you enlarge the image, you can see that runways 08 and 26 include a T next the number.

That is exactly what Kevin had talked about. Also, try not to repeat what has already been said, thanks. Also this is my first time seeing that as well, good find.

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