What does the red dot on an airport marker mean?

After making my flight plan to a small airport known as Charles M Schultz Sonoma county airport, the airport marker had a red dot in the middle. Can someone explain what that means

It means Zero visibility. Visibility in and around that airspace will be below 1 km

Not ideal situations, practically zero visibility at the airport.

Ok thank you very much

In the future, please use the support category for issues with the app itself and not general questions.

Thank you.


Also, please look up to make sure there aren’t any other topics similar to this. 😊

A small tip to a fellow community member. If the aircraft you fly have auto land (appr) use it, its a normal procedure in real life when the visibility is very low :)

Here’s a rather good tutorial explaining the dots. I know you’ve got your answer for now but, just for future reference ;)