What does the red dot inside an airport waypoint mean?

I am flying in a q4000 from Stuttgart to Berlin and Berlin tegel (the specific airport I’m flying to) has a red dot inside it when seen on the map. Is this airport closed?

That is in the FAQ.


It means the conditions are dangerous

Adding on low visibility.

It means extra XP for landing there 😉


Guys, the initial thread posted by Chris was a clear, straight-forward answer, to someone who is clearly learning some of the basics.

‘Dangerous’, ‘low viz’, these are amorphous terms.

What it means specifically, is that meteorological conditions (the ‘MC’ in the following acronym) are IMC, and IFR, meaning Instrument Flight Rules, are in effect. In these conditions, you cannot operate visually, meaning that regular (visual) patternwork is not allowed, nor would Radar Vectors or Visual Approaches or VFR flight be allowed by an Approach controller who happened to be open at a field under those conditions.

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