What does the "Exit runway" command mean?

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This is the tutorial about the Exit runway Command.
This is a combined command which is available in the tower position.
There are many types, but I will discuss a few…

#Type 1
This is the most common one - Exit runway when able, contact ground on the taxiway
This means that you’ve got a Frequency from tower to contact ground after exiting the runway.

#Type 2
When able, turn left cross runway 24L and contact ground.
This means Tower is making you a favour by clearing you cross the runway.
Don’t contact ground and request a runway crossing. Tower has already told you to cross. Contact ground after crossing the runway and contact ground for further stuff.

#Type 3
When able turn right, cross runway 25R and contact ground, Please expedite. traffic of Final
This means there’s someone on final (not a 25NM final, a 3NM final). Vacate the runway ASAP and contact ground after crossing 25R.

#Type 4
This wont be used commonly as it means the same as the 1st one :)
Exit Runway when able. hold short runway 24L.Contact Ground on the taxiway.

I have talked about KLAX’s runway here… Here is the airport diagram of KLAX (from Wikipedia)

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Disclaimer - I know 24R is being reworked, I wanted to use them as examples :)


Thanks @Rotate. I will do that by tomorrow.

There isn’t a back-taxi exit runway command I think in the controllers side. Controllers need to send the back-taxi command to do it

Pilots can’t request, controllers should send them.

Just to clarify the last one dush: Usually if there is a holding short line at the turning point at the end of the runway at which you are backtaxiing to, make sure to get off the runway and hold short at the turning point. I think TFFR has one ow those but I aint sure

I think I just clarified it :)

There you go! I did it and I posted it
[Here’s][1] the link ;)
[1]:["Back taxi" when arriving into an airport]

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